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Musicians at MusicMySoul create music with love so that you can enjoy your own unique and personalized music.We pleasure your soul with harmony, melody, form and rythm. We compose music for you with love!


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Imagine surprising your lover, your wife, your daughter, your husband with a song dedicate to them, a music never heard before! Only for them.

You can chose
– your own music therapy
– romantic gift
– personal dedication

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Music Therapy – For John

Music Therapy – For Jessica

Merry Christmas!




‎John was in love with Denise, but he didn’t had the courage to tell her and he couldn’t find the courage to invite her out.

He thought she is too picky. But he asked us to compose Denise a romantic song, his romantic gift to her.

And we did it. Denise was surprised and she enjoyed this romantic soft, so she asked John to dine together.

‎And from that moment they became a happy couple.

There are six months since we composed Denise`s song!

Order your song right now! And you will have your own unique musical theme.

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